X-Marks Tattoos

A private studio for custom tattoos, nestled in the heart of downtown Toronto. We specialize in many tattoo styles including: Abstract, Decorative, Grayscale, Black & White, Lettering, and Colour. Check out our awesome work below and contact us to book your tattoo.

Xris: the X ... in X-Marks Tattoos

Xris has been tattooing full time in Toronto since 2002, from walk-ins, to custom-only shops. He now works from a private studio and does incredible custom work by appointment. This means he does all the drawing so you only have to bring ideas, or just a simple starting point.

Xris can tattoo in a variety of styles and is open to any size project. Consultations are free, and gives you a chance to meet the artist, see the environment you're getting tattooed in, and talk over your ideas.

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time out to check out his work.

“Xris was as picky about my tattoo design as I was. It's rare these days to meet someone in the tattoo industry that's an artist, and not just a tracer.”
-- Johnny L.

“Xris covered up a bullshit tattoo I got as a teen with some real art.”
-- Mark H.