Our Comic

Sad Sacks is updated every Monday, Wednesday, & Friday. Barring a zombie outbreak or some terrible event.


James Wallace is the idea man ... he writes & stars in the comic, and has a cool foam craft project called Wizard Mountain.

Johnny Larocque does the drawing ... he butchers James' perfectly good ideas, or comes up with one of his own, and then crudely draws them.

You can email them both at: jerks[at]sadsacks.ca

James Wallace
James "Wiz" Wallace

Lunch Bag
Lunch Bag

Johnny Larocque
Johnny "Wasabi" Larocque

Our Rules

You may repost our comics on your blog/twitter/facebook/website for non-commercial purposes, but ONLY if you attribute the comic to sadsacks.ca and include a clickable link back.

You can copy/paste link code from here:

<a href="http://www.sadsacks.ca">http://www.sadsacks.ca</a>

No excuses, we've made it so simple!

Our Methods

Pencil on paper, digitally inked on an iPad (in the free app Bamboo Paper), then finished in Photoshop.

Our Favourites

The Creators use this space to promote a few of their favourite things, like ...

Some of the amazing webcomics that I follow religiously and have inspired me to make my own, include: Diesel Sweeties, Penny Arcade, Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, Deathbulge, Poorly Drawn Lines, VG Cats, Questionable Content, The Perry Bible Fellowship, and Chainsaw Suit ... just to name a few.~ Johnny Larocque
and of course ...

Brown paper packages tied up with strings.~ James Wallace